Shirakiku Japanese Style Somen Noodles | Dry Ramen Noodles 35.27 Oz (1 Kg)

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  • Japanese Style Somen Noodles
  • Somen noodles are made of wheat.
  • How they’re prepared: Somen noodles are prepared (like most noodles) in boiling water and are stirred with chopsticks to make sure they don’t stick to one another.
  • How they’re served: The most common type way to serve Somen is cold with soy sauce and dashi dipping sauce.
  • Size and Shape: Somen noodles are relatively thin and are cylindrical same as Ramen Noodles
  • Health Factor: Since they are made of a complex carbohydrate they are great for sustained energy and on that same token are low in fat.
  • Easy to make
  • Product of Japan
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